This application was developed to take any text entry and sequence it, generating its various sequences of creation, and relating those sequences to their English creations in words, phrases, names, and new creations.

We offer as an example, one of our dataclips on our Heroku server, a peek into our database showing you the Lense sequence search results when EARTHLINGS is the search term: EARTHLINGS lense sequence search results

Each sequence_text showing is related to the sequence_lense. Notice the letters of the lense are all that create the sequence_text. And, there are four other sequences to relate English creations to their various sequences, the Singluar sequence, the Lexigram sequence, the Complete sequence, the Creation sequence, each revealing their own purposes and window into the creation of English from their letterings sequence.

When you research any English entry in this manner, you are able to find new awareness using the code we call English. From the letters of ENGLISH, I SING IN SIGN IN LINES I SING IN IN ENGLSH. I LIE NIL LIE IN ENGLISH.