This application was developed to take any text entry and sequence it, generating its various sequences of creation, and relating those sequences to their English creations in words, phrases, names, and new creations.
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StarLight Express ~ The Letter's Trestle.

From your seeing that, the following will make sense.

Ours is a desktop application. While you can enjoy the site on your small screen, you cannot access the database capablilties on a small screen, it simply will not serve the information in an aligned and easly readable manner. Our codes are capable of sequencing the entire English language, from any time period, including new creations. The Sequencers database enables us to relate the letter sequences to their creations. Similar to the Genome Project's decoding of the DNA, here we also use letters and words to show relationships of creation. Our DNA uses four letters. English uses twenty-six letters.

Particular results the researchers seek are contained in the particular sequence searches.
Members can see and now prove and so know words really do lead to their
actions in reactions or creations.

This work is dedicated to Peace On Earth Good Will All.

Words are key, and kindness counts, we are all kin.

Kind Kin In I In Kindness.
Member's usages guide further development of Sequencers.

Members enjoy the benefits as further developed.

The benefits now are substantial, if you Love English.

Sequencers is built by Kathy Onu for

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